Monday, January 30, 2012


jordan faye contemporary 1401 Light Street Baltimore, MD 21230 443.955.1547Jenee Mateer  |  Visceral Spectrum
Scott Ponemone  |  Manual Labor

WHEN: February 4 - March 24; Opening Reception, Saturday,  February 4,   7 – 10 PM
WHERE: 1401 Light Street Baltimore, MD 21230
There is Valet Parking Available across from the gallery at The Rowhouse Grille with Rite Way Valet. On Sunday, March 4, 1 – 3 PM, there will be an Artist's Talk. In 2012, the gallery will be open from Tuesday - Saturday 11 – 6 PM & by appointment.

Jenee Mateer, Figs, archival pigment print on ultra fine art paper, 26.5 x 35 in (framed)

(Jenee Mateer, Figs, archival pigment print on ultra fine art paper, 27.5 x 36 inches [archivally framed])

Statement for  Visceral Spectrum
by Jenee Mateer

Cycles of nature, patterns of behavior, interaction... like snails, we carry our homes with us as internalized structures. Inside is an infinite space where we are at once a part of everything and simultaneously alone. Outside, the world resonates with the chords of our internal mechanisms. Our brain waves register pulsations of light and color.  From rhythmic patterns of noise we pull our thoughts.  Visceral color surrounds us.  We absorb, just as objects absorb and reflect light. We register hot and cold and all steps in between as changes in season and place. Home is a place of quiet or disquiet, where the opposing forces of fear and joy, good and evil, life and death reveal themselves and do battle in shifting patterns of sunlight traversing wall and floor.

This work is a meditation on home, inhabitance, spirit of place...on energy patterns formed like a slow beaming up, the materialization that occurs with the transference of physical presence from one structure to the next. These images also speak to our inescapable physicality, our need for sustenance, and our undeniable drive as humans to perpetuate and reproduce energy and life.Scott Ponemone, watercolors: Fries, 9 x 12 in,  Eat Left, 10.5 x 8.25 inWhen curating exhibitions, I always think about the juxtaposition of one artist's work against another. Whether it's a group show, or two solo exhibitions that open during the same time period. In the case of Scott Ponemone's work, the way he depicts these people interacting with each other, with objects & other species, but then removing and editing these scenes to show you just their hands and what they are holding / eating / creating, the viewer can focus on this moment and exchange. In the new body of work by Jenee Mateer, I see what remains, the left over moments that we as humans leave behind, the bits and fragments of life that happen and are super rich, both in color, subject and in life. I pair artists together instinctually; I see these connections and by allowing them to co-exist in this large main gallery space, I hope people experience this dialogue that I feel & see. They are in fact, two separate exhibitions but they will co-exist alongside one another. If you've not been to the gallery recently, we've done quite a bit of renovation to this old library building, and the flow in which two exhibitions can harmoniously sit side-by-side and separate is quite lovely. We're looking forward to sharing our new space and the work of these two talented artists with you. — Jordan Faye Block

(Above: Scott Ponemone, watercolors: Fries, 2011, 10 x 8.4 inches, Eat Left, 2011, 10 x 7.5 inches)

Also Opening in the Project Gallery 

Mattye Hamilton, chiffon

Mattye Hamilton, Rotating Spotlight, oil on canvas, 48 x 36 inchesMattye Hamilton is a painter and printmaker living in Baltimore, MD. She received her BFA in painting from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 1994. Mattye uses luscious and unexpected combinations of color pattern and line; Nature, Color, & Fashion inspire her work. Hamilton's work has been published in several magazines including Shape & Ms. and has been shown throughout Baltimore. Currently she has work being exhibited at Intercontinental Hotel through JFC & Patrick Sutton Home. She has participated in several of The Salon Series and Small Wonders & Spectaculars this past Dec/Jan. This is Mattye's first solo exhibition in our project gallery space at jordan faye contemporary. (Rotating Spotlight, 2011, oil on canvas, 48 x 36 inches)