Friday, January 20, 2012


The Red Room is an unusual space located in Baltimore. Run by a collective, it is dedicated to radically experimental culture: freely improvised music, electronic sound, esoteric & self-built instruments, the outer limits of jazz, new musical genres, experimental film, performance, and other, more obscure "out-of-compartment" activities. 100% of the door goes to the artists.

upcoming eventSubtle Bodies: Jones/Weeks/Berndt + Hayleck/Wilcox/Neidhardt

WHEN: Saturday, January 21, 8:30 PM
THE RED ROOM at Normals Books and Records, 425 E. 31st Street, Baltimore

Subtle Bodies: A night of diffuse improvised music at the Red Room.

The night will consist of two sets of probably quite quiet, introspective and diffuse music by two trios, possibly followed by a third set with all the players:

  • Andrew Hayleck : synth
  • Paul Neidhardt : percussion and friction
  • Tyler Wilcox : reeds


  • Bonnie Jones : electronics
  • Khristian Weeks : electro-acoustics
  • John Berndt: amplified saxophone


  • large group of all musicians

OK, this are some sort of super-groups of what happens when you accidentally open the airlock door.

Andrew Hayleck is one of Baltimore’s most fascinating, refined, and subtle musicians around these parts. Preoccupied with the sensuality of systems and inhuman soundscapes, his varied work with amplified gong, synthesizer, field recordings, computer and strings always transcends the obvious. For this concert he will be performing on new software instruments of his own creation.

Paul Neidhardt is as much of a "frictionist" as a "percussionist" and is one of Baltimore's most talented and precise improvisers. Working with the physicality of his instruments largely through extended technique, Neidhardt creates powerful, ambiguous sounds, always intensely musical.

Saxophonist Tyler Wilcox came up in the Baltimore experimental scene but in recent years has lived on the West Coast, where he has been very active in introspective forms of improvisation, and, in rather high contrast, scholarly recreations of electronic dance muisc styles. Having worked a great deal with improvisers like Jack Wright and Radu Malfatti, Wilcox has been a significant American explorer of improvisation to do with space and silence over the last five years.

Electronic musician and multimedia artist Bonnie Jones is one of Baltimore's strongest cultural exports to do with improvisation. She is a Korean-American writer, improvising musician, and performer working primarily with electronic music and text. She creates improvised and composed text-sound performances that explore the fluidity and function of electronic noise (field recordings, circuit bending) and text (poetry, found, spoken). She is interested in how people perceive, “read” and interact with these sounds and texts given our current technological moment. Bonnie has presented her work in the US, Europe, and Asia and collaborates frequently with writers and musicians including Ric Royer, Carla Harryman, Andy Hayleck, Joe Foster, Andrea Neumann, Liz Tonne and Chris Cogburn. She received her MFA from the Milton Avery School of the Arts at Bard College.

Khristian Weeks is a newcomer to Baltimore and a significant new voice on the scene. Previously from Durham, NC, Khristian is a multi-dimensional auto-didact working with soundscapes, live "played" installations and self-built electro-acoustic constructions. His work is highly charged, experimental and dissociative.

John Berndt is a well-known local improvising saxophonist and electronic musician interested in "disorientation as positive content" and in unusual sounds and structures.