Tuesday, January 31, 2012




What is the Cultural Festival?
Highlighting the rich diversity within the Gilman community, this annual event promotes understanding, education, acceptance, respect, and friendship by showcasing art, history, music, customs, entertainment and food of various cultures throughout the world.

Who can participate?
Parents, children, faculty and friends of the Gilman community.

What can be displayed?
Gilman supplies tables and tablecloths for the display of items that represent specific elements of a culture. The displays include books, music, clothes, art, cultural artifacts, pictures, and videos.

What about food?
Volunteers and exhibitors prepare culinary delights associated with various cultures. Recipes for food items, along with the ingredients, must be e-mailed to
j.m.wade14@gmail.com  no later than one week prior to the February 12th event.

What about entertainment?
Exhibitors and volunteers interested in sharing their rich culture through music, dance and story telling perform at the festival. If you, or someone you know, are interested in providing or organizing entertainment contact

What about volunteering?
Volunteers are needed to set up tables, decorate the gym’s lobby, contact parents, promote the event,
help with food, and clean up.

To participate or volunteer, contact:

  • Janice Wade (Upper School) via e-mail: j.m.wade14@gmail.com or text 410-262-8650
  • Neiksha Lockett Stephens (Middle School) via e-mail: nlocket1@gmail.com
  • Dorja Marshall (Lower School) via email: dorja.marshall@yahoo.com
  • You can also just show up at the event to offer assistance or simply enjoy the experience.