Wednesday, August 24, 2011



PictureStage Manager for season opener, TEA & SYMPATHY

Performances run September 30-November 6

Individual should have some theatre experience, either as Stage Manager, Assistant Stage Manager or Tech Crew.

Training will be provided.

Duties will consist of:

  • managing contact list for cast
  • managing rehearsals
  • running Tech Rehearsals
  • runnning/calling show during production/performance

Tea & Sympathy is a powerful indictment against macho prejudice and a subtle warning to society to accept the "different" with humane tolerance. Set in a boys' boarding school in 1953 New England, this story unfolds in the home of a teacher, middle aged Bill Reynolds, who revels in his residents' athletic prowess.

Tom, one of the boys in this house, is just 17, sensitive by nature and lonely in the extreme and totally out of place with the butch fellows who sport crew cuts. When he is reported at a beach in the buff with a school master, rumors abound that he is gay; Tom is suddenly the butt of nasty thoughts, snide remarks and social ostracism.

As the wife of a master, Laura is merely expected to offer tea and sympathy to the resident boys in her home, to set a genteel tone in the parlor. But something about Tom arouses more than her sympathy--escalating to fascination and ultimately desire, on both sides.

This is a gripping drama of hearts in torment set against the harsh realities of 50's social stigma. Emotionally relevant in the 21st century.

If interested in the position, contact:

FUZZ - James Roark
Executive Director - Managing/Artistic Director
Spotlighters Theatre
817 Saint Paul Street
Baltimore,  MD  21202
410.752.1299 (Fax)