Wednesday, August 10, 2011



Baltimore Clayworks has a Terrific Fall Line-Up Created Just for You!

The full schedule is on their web site, but listed below is a sampling of what is offered. Click on the title for details or to register.

HB3 - Figuratively Speaking: Life Modeling
WHEN:  Sunday, 11-2 PM, September 18 - December 4
INSTRUCTOR: Trisha Kyner

All skill levels are welcome in this 12-week exploration of the human form in clay. Students will work from live models in addition to reference materials as they explore why and how to use the body to express ideas. Emphasis will be placed on anatomical study and the expressive potential of gesture and pose—students should expect to have a minimum 6 weeks of live model contact based on enrollment.

jamaican coilJamaican Coil Building—An Aerobic Experience
HB4 - Thursday, 7 – 10 PM, September 15 - December 15 (no class 9/29 & 11/24)

HB5 - Saturday, 3-6 PM, September 17 - December 10 (no class 10/8)


Come dance around your pot with Sam Wallace in this 12-week exploration of commercial and native MD clays. Participants will gain insight into traditional folk art hand-building techniques employed by Sam for building his large-scale vessels. Combining both slab-building plus coil and pinch methods of hand-building students will create a wide variety of forms, from vases to the famous "pineapple pot."

ST1 - Woodfire: An Introduction
In this 12-week course there will be an emphasis on functional wheel thrown forms designed to take advantage of the wood fired atmosphere. Students will be introduced to the variety of surfaces which are possible in the Clayworks Noborigama: unglazed natural clay bodies, flashing slips, ash glazes, liner glazes and natural salt finishes. Demonstrations will focus on wheel throwing with some hand building techniques, and emphasis will be placed on seeking one's voice with clay.
WHEN: Thursday, 7-10 PM, September 15 - December 15 (no class 9/29)

ST5 - All in the Details: Decal Transfer, Sprig molds and Underglaze
In this 12-week class, students will learn techniques that focus on the finer details and finishing touches of functional pottery, with the idea of quality versus quantity in mind. We will be using a Low Fire, Red Earthenware clay, which gives the opportunity for a wide variety of surfaces and brighter colors. Students will learn about making simple, one piece, "sprig" molds, as well as more complicated two piece press molds that will allow the addition of dimensional decorations to work in clay. Students will also learn about working with different textures, colored slips, commercial underglazes, waterslide ceramic decals, metallic luster, and more. This class is designed for intermediate/advanced level students with basic knowledge of clay.
WHEN: Sunday, 6-9 PM, September 18 - December 4