Tuesday, July 12, 2011


7-16 woodie panel

Caleb Stine hosts Woody Guthrie Dreams
Benefit & Woody B'day Party!

Photo of Event or Program ItemWHEN: Saturday, July 16, 8 PM
Creative Alliance, 3134 Eastern Ave., Baltimore
TICKETS: $20, $15 members,  Advance  tix suggested

Bring yer axe!
Hootenany & Singalong to follow in Marquee Lounge.
Benefits Woody Guthrie Dreams production in NYC.

Woody’s B-day is upon us! The buzz is building! Woody Guthrie Dreams, (which premiered at CA in 2004) is up in NYC in September.

Playwright/actor/musician Michael Patrick Flanagan Smith (Woody in his play) cast his real life friend and new actor Caleb Stine as Woody’s sidekick Cisco Houston. Caleb hosts Mike and some of the finest musicians in Bmore doing songs from the vast Woody songbook and reading from the visionary’s letters. Join CA in its new glam Lounge afterwards for a hootenany-singalong!

Special guests include:
John Bolten and Allison Smith, Ben Forstenzer (Balto Afro Beat Society.) Bob Friedman (Mambo Combo,) Carl Freundel (Mikes 1st drama teacher!), Dave Huber (Whale Show,) Wes Mattheu (New Low Down,) Linda Nelson (what a VOICE!)...and more!

Songs about grave yards, massacres, buffalo skinners, unions and deportees. One of the best shows of the summer EASY! Doan miss it!
Proceeds help launch Mike’s amazing Baltimore-based production at the Theater for The New City on the Lower East Side!

Mike and Caleb are on The Signal and The Steiner Show. Click links below!

General public, click here for tickets!
Members, click here for tickets!
Hear Caleb n Mike on The Signal!
Catch'em 5pm Wednesday on WEAA!