Friday, July 22, 2011


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Once Upon a Time...  Donald Edwards & Janna Rice

Last 2 Days: Friday & Saturday + A Special Event from * 3 – 7 PM Sat. Gallery hours this Friday 12 – 5 PM & Saturday 12 – 3 PM /3 – 7PM*

Once Upon A Time... Donald Edwards & Janna Rice at JFC

This Fabulous Show ends this Week at the gallery, so if you've not had a chance to see it, now is the time to stop on in! It’s nice and cool inside, and parking is really pretty easy during the day on both Friday & Saturday! They even have an awesome special event to share with you that's right around the corner, if you're in town this weekend...

Donald Edward's work is a result of collecting material from thrift stores, yard sales, dumpsters, materials left on the side of the road, and saving things from work and home that would have otherwise gone to the land fill. These materials dictate the direction his work takes.  Edwards's work has evolved from painting and incorporating found objects into these paintings to using all these treasures and creating imaginative three-dimensional creatures, wall works, and installations. These reinvented forms are made of all the disposable products that litter our homes, streets and lives.  In his work he draws attention to our obsession of consumer culture which starts at an early age, however taking all these inanimate objects and working with them, Donald transforms them into positively playful happy creatures which easily one can play that childhood game, "I Spy" and not run out of things to discover.

Janna Rice's photography is an examination of feminine stereotype and myth, calling attention to the fracture between personal identity and accepted gender roles. These tableaus examine how cultural expectation plays in personal identity. The images include mass-produced objects as symbolic metaphor of the feminine ideal, real or perceived. Janna's observations also reflect on the impact that biology plays in our identity and that which is beyond our control. Her newest work is grounded in the fluid beauty of the natural world. These photomontages suggest the splendor of the verdant, which is often overlooked.

Once Upon A Time... incorporates works that take very different final forms, but who's creators both draw inspiration from our culture, the materiality of our daily world, and exploring the conversations and connections that are entwined together.


Magda's Style Room
WHEN: Saturday July 23rd,  * 3:00 - 7:00 PM
ADMISSION: * 10$ Cover at the door
If you personal shopped/donated in 2010/2011 - YOU are admitted free!
All items $10/$20/$40 (high end/lux $50/$80)
Shop a small random selection of Men's/Women's Clothing/Accessories while you sip sparkling wine and network.

Magda's Style Room is a sustainable personal shop-at-home service that profiles and styles it's members with perfect or new/affordable fashion to buy while it picks up your clothing donations.

Magda's Style Room is not open to the public or advertised and assists it's members exclusively in networking their business to the other members in Baltimore and NYC. These EVENT Mixers are a way to network in person, shop random unique items affordably and to check out Magda's Style Room and the place of business that hosts, in this case BE and Jordan Faye Contemporary. So come Sip Sparkling wine, Bring your biz / postcards to drop/exchange, enjoy the ART & the Trunk Show!

Magda's Style Returns to Jordan Faye Contemporary

This is a throw-back Vintage Magda's Photo from their first adventurous Mixer with them in 2008, from their old space in Clipper Mill! See ya this weekend though here in Federal Hill!

This is the third time we've hosted a Magda's Style Room and it is always a great time! It's this Saturday only from 3 - 7p SO...if you're interested in attending you must follow the instructions below::

  • E-mail, if you are coming so they can add your name to the guest list.
  • Bring your Cards to Network
  • If you are a newbie to Magda's, bring your $10 cash for the cover at the door!