Wednesday, June 29, 2011


The Strand Theater's FOURTH season! Buy your season subscription TODAY!

WHERE: Strand Theater Company, 1823 N. Charles Street, Baltimore

Announcing their MOM and POP 2011-2012 Season
"mommy issues and pop culture"

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Anna Bella Eema
By Lisa D'Amour
Baltimore Premiere
October 7-22, 2011
"The life of a wild animal always has a tragic end.”
Ten-year-old Anna Bella and her hermetic mother Irene live in a ratty trailer on the edge of town. When the threat of a new interstate looms, Anna Bella animates a new playmate out of dirt, sweat and spit. As Anna Bella and Irene struggle to protect their home, the very-much-alive mud girl leads them on a voyage full of wildlife, wonder and benevolent monsters.

Glitter and Spew
By Alison Luterman 
World Premiere
December 2-17, 2011
"You know the best way for me to ruin someone’s life? Get involved with them."
This three-ring-circus of short plays from our Friends & Neighbors Festival forms a meditation on media exposure, shame, and personal responsibility in 21st-century America.

That Pretty Pretty; or, the Rape Play
By Sheila Callaghan
Mid-Atlantic Premiere
February 3-18, 2012
“I got f**kin’ mad pretty on my sh*t.”
Radical feminist ex-strippers Agnes and Valerie scour the country on a murderous rampage, blogging their exploits in gruesome detail. Meanwhile, scruffy screenwriter Owen tries to bang out his magnum opus in a hotel room while his buddy Rodney indulges some baser instincts. When Owen writes the strippers into his screenplay, reality unravels. Can Jane Fonda—yes, that Jane Fonda—prevent complete chaos?

Blood-bound and Tongue-tied
By Jacqueline E. Lawton
World Premiere
March 23-April 7, 2012
“What you’re trying to hide won’t stay hid.”
One of humanity’s most primal stories is re-imagined with compassion and poetry in this ambitious offering from our Friends & Neighbors Festival. Jocasta is a young black woman in depression-era Texas, who decides to pass as white in the big city. When she marries Laius—the heir of an oil baron—and becomes pregnant with Oedipus, her racial identity cannot remain hidden…or can it? One desperate lie instigates a catastrophic wave of bloodshed, and disaster envelops a nation.

By Lisa Kron
Baltimore Premiere
June 1-16, 2012
“I wanted to crawl right into her skin, and I couldn't push her far enough away.”
Noted solo performer Lisa Kron has written her first multi-character play, a riff on her and her mother Ann’s knotty history with chronic illness. But as she presents her story, nothing goes to plan. Ann won’t stay put in her recliner. The chorus can’t keep track of their scenes. Childhood nemesis Lori Jones keeps popping up. As Lisa struggles to maintain control of the show and herself, she confronts her greatest fear: turning into her mother.