Wednesday, June 15, 2011


The First Annual Strand Prom:
A Starry Enchanting Night of Fairytale Kisses To Always Remember Forever

WHEN: Saturday, June 25, from 8 PM-1 AM
WHERE: Strand Theatre, 1823 N. Charles Street, Baltimore


Yes, everyone is doing it. Prom. Soooo dumb...or is it? It is, but popular, and the Strand is all about being part of the crowd! We hope our prom is good, but not too good that it stands out from everyone else.

Join the Strand for Drama Proma! Guests will be assigned a character: Nerd, Jock, Goth,Teacher's Pet, etc. and will be expected to come to prom as the assigned character.

Not fun you say? Well, mix in some highly potent punch, some very disgruntled chaperones and some sex underneath the bleachers (and by bleacher we mean the alley next to Club Choices), and you tell us if that isn't fun, dang it.

We might just bust out into song, Glee style. Ha ha, we won't be doing that. But do expect a kick-ass dance off with an outrageous prize (sex behind the bleachers). Crown your favorite prom guest King or Queen of the Prom, and if you are assigned the bully character, you have our permission to beat them up once crowned (Strand not legally liable for beatings).

More information to come!