Thursday, June 9, 2011


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An die Musik LIVE!
A Classical, Jazz & World Music Concert Venue
409 N. Charles Street, Baltimore
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Monday, June 13, 7:30 PM
Monday, June 20, 7:30 PM

Kevin B. Clark, guitar; Colin Rosso, percussion;Jonathan Guo, double bass; Adam Corson, saxophone; Alex Crean, tenor
Performing in our first floor gallery.

Tuesday, June 14, 8 PM
Wayne Hankin: 7 Solos
TICKETS: $12/$5 students

Based on a recital of the same name, 7 SOLOS is a special recital on film. Wayne displays his virtuosity and versatility on 7 instruments performing music spanning 7 centuries. Shot on location in Vermont, the film depicts 7 scenes of a wandering musician searching for his place in a strange world, a world that seems to be devoid of people at first.
Many of the instruments are as unusual as the settings they are played in—hornpipe, clay flute, hümmelchen (small bagpipe), baroque alto recorder, trump (jaws’ harp), double pipes and bone flute.
The film will be a backdrop for Wayne’s performance.

Wednesday, June 15, 8 PM
“Kuára" US release concert

Markku Ounaskari: drums; Samuli Mikkonen: piano; Per Jørgensen: trumpet, voice
A unique musical project, “Kuára” takes as its inspirational starting point Russian psalms and Fenno-Ugrian folk songs from Udmurtia, Vepsä, and Karelia. Melodies unfurl slowly, and textures are carefully explored in the open improvisations and soundscapes shaped out of the songs: this sacred and secular music is the soil from which new sounds and ideas arise. A contemplative atmosphere prevails; themes and solo lines are counterbalanced with silences.

Thursday, June 16, 8 PM
Craig Taborn – CD release concert

Craig Taborn’s brilliant ECM solo piano debut album Avenging Angel will be released today, June 7.
Avenging Angel, a powerful, creative and rigorously uncompromising album, is the first unaccompanied solo disc in Craig Taborn’s discography as well as the first ECM recording issued under his name.

Friday, June 17, 8 & 9:30 PM
Mark Papagno Trio
$10/$5 students

Frank Russo, drums; Max Murray, bass; Mark Papagno, guitar
The debut album from Baltimore's Mark Papagno Trio is a fine fusion recording that has strong shades of Allan Holdsworth's work, mixed with straight-ahead jazz sensibilities.

With his smooth overdriven lead tone, fast legato lines, and head scratch-inducing chords, Papagno will certainly draw comparisons to Holdsworth. However, there's an airy, Tim Miller-like quality in his playing and writing as well. And while Papagno's solos do have that inquisitive, searching quality that many legato-style players possess, he rarely sounds like he's "noodling." No matter how crazy his lines may be, he always manages to land on his feet, thanks in large part to his strong vibrato and phrasing.

Saturday, June 18, 8 & 9:30 PM

This extraordinary union of creative musicians is the result of collaborations that go back over 20 years. Brought together by pianist/recording artist, Greg Burk for festival performances in Europe, Many Worlds celebrated the release of their debut recording in 2010 on 482 Music.
Multi-instrumentalist Henry Cook, bassist Ron Seguin, and drummer Michel Lambert join pianist Burk in offering a 360 degree musical vision, informed and inspired by their profound experience in diverse musical traditions.

Sunday, June 19, 5 PM
Mac Walter & Dominick Murray
TICKETS: $7 in advance/$9 at the door