Tuesday, April 19, 2011


BIG Goes Back2Back with Rick Andrews!

Prepare for a Ginormous weekend of Improv in Baltimore! Two shows & two workshops featuring one of America's greatest improv teachers, Rick Andrews. Rick and his performance partner, Jennifer Dunne, form the duo, the Cascade. They have been featured performers at Improv Festivals across the country, and will perform both nights. They will join a deluge of performers from BIG for a magnificent weekend of improvisational comedy.

Rick Andrews' Workshops: Saturday, April 23.

What a privilege for BIG to bring you two workshops taught by Rick Andrews. Rick has been performing since 1999 and teaching since 2006. He has studied with many improv greats including: Asaf Ronan, Jill Bernard, Joe Bill, Armando Diaz and Amy Poehler.

In Improv on the Cusp, you will learn how to overcome the lulls in your improv by finding the elements of self-surprise. You'll find a way to embrace the uncertainty that comes on stage, and spin it into comic gold.

In Intimacy & Group Mind, you will learn how to put greater trust in your scene partners. Rick takes the mysticism out of "group mind," and helps you learn how to build stronger scenes by making a real connection with your scene partners. This workshop is particularly good for members of the same troupe or class.

Rick's workshop at last year's Baltimore Improv Festival was one of the highlights of the weekend. Don't miss out.