Monday, April 18, 2011


Young Playwrights Festival
CENTERSTAGE is proud to announce the award recipients for the 25th Annual Young Playwrights Festival. Seven honorees will workshop their plays with professional theater artists, leading up to staged readings of the plays at the Festival. A dozen playwrights will receive a workshop and a reading of their play at their school, while others receive an Honorable Mention.

WHEN: Monday, May 2, at 7 PM
Centerstage, 700 North Calvert Street, Baltimore
The event is free; however, a $5 donation is suggested at the door. Groups up to 10 can reserve their tickets online.

The following plays will receive a Staged Reading at CENTERSTAGE:

  • Together We Can Make Beautiful Music by Rebecca Hewitt,
    Grade 5, Waugh Chapel Elementary, Anne Arundel County
    With little dialogue and an original duet composition for piano, this innovative play shows how music can bring people together to brighten their day.
  • There Came Sadness Before Happiness by Naya Gibson,
    Grade 5, Cherry Hill Elementary & Middle School, Baltimore City
    Naya dreams of becoming a doctor. Her mother worries that this dream may not become a reality--after all, she works two jobs and is dealing with the aftermath of Naya's dad abandoning them. Maybe mother and daughter have something to teach each other.
  • Shine! By The students of The Maryland School for the Deaf
    Grades 6-8, Howard County
    Everyone knows the story of Cinderella. But the students from the Maryland School for the Deaf have taken this classic fairy tale and spun it on its head, creating a modern version with both magic and remarkable poignancy.
  • The True Story of Why the Chicken Crossed the Road by Kendall Archer, Grade 6, Harford Day School, Harford County
    This play tells the story of Jerry, an unathletic young chicken who needs to up his courage. He tries to run with the roosters in a game of soccer--and accidentally knocks the ball right into the school bully's beak. The bully dares Jerry to do something unimaginable...and the classic joke is retold.
  • The Multiple Calls by Adriahna Rochelle Conway, Grade 8, City Neighbors Charter School, Baltimore City
    The Broadstein family is fantastically rich...and fantastically rude. When their new maid Maria arrives, she decides to seek revenge for their cruelty, with hilarious results.
  • Black, No Cream, No Sugar by Alexander Blinkoff, Grade 11, Towson High School, Baltimore County
    Jason Mahakala gets more than he orders when he spends the afternoon in his local coffee shop. This play serves up an extra-caffeinated twist that you won't soon forget.
  • End of the Line by Ady PiĆ©, Grade 12, Roland Park Country School, Baltimore City
    When Dawn, a young woman still trying to figure out her life, spots an old woman sitting at an abandoned train station day after day, she gets curious. Then, when the woman disappears, Dawn faces a decision that could change her entire future.

To see who was selected as in-school reading honorees and for more information about the festival, click here

All members of the community are invited to CENTERSTAGE for the annual awards ceremony, including the staged readings of selected plays and a reception in honor of all of the students who submitted scripts.