Wednesday, March 23, 2011



The Great American
Trailer Park Musical

Music and Lyrics by David Nehls
Book by Betsy Kelso
Directed by Fuzz Roark
Musical direction by Michael Tan

WHEN: Mar 25 - Apr 24, 8 PM
Spotlighters Theatre, 817 Saint Paul Street, Baltimore
TICKETS: Adults:  $20 / Seniors:  $18 / Students: $16
TEN SPOT THURSDAY ($10 tickets): April 21, 8 PM
410-752-1225 or (click on Buy Tickets)

Visit Armadillo Acres for agoraphobia, adultery, spray cheese, disco, road kills, hysterical pregnancy, strippers and a broken electric chair!

There's a new tenant in Armadillo Acres, and she's wreaking havoc all over North Florida's most exclusive manufactured housing community.

The Divas of the double-wides have survived everything from no-good husbands to kid-napping to bad-perms!

But when Pippi—a stripper on the run—comes between agoraphobic homebody Jeannie and her toll-collector husband, a storm begins to brew! And this storm shakes the trailer park right down to its foundation!

Featuring: Karina Ferry as Jeannie Garstecki, the agorophobic trailer park housewife; R. Brett Rohrer as Norbert Garstecki, Jeannie's husband who is having an affair with Pippi, ; their next door neighbor; Eileen del Valle as Pippi, the stripper on the run from her crazy ex-boyfriend in Oklahoma City; Maribeth Eckenrode as Betty, the leasing manager of Armadillo Arces; Kristen Zwobot as Pickles, the hysterically pregnant neighbor; Cheryl Campo as Lin, whose husband is on death row in Florida State Prison and Carlos del Valle as Duke, Pippi's fast driving, ex-boyfriend who has come to seek Rev....oh yeah, Revenge!

Stage Managed by Molly R. Hopkins.

Accompanied by Michael Tan, Musical Director and Keyboardsl  Chris Marino, Drums / Percussion; Brennan Kuhns, Guitar / Bass