Saturday, September 4, 2010


Pumpkin Theatre has released the offerings of its drama classes. If you have a child who wants to act or who loves imaginative play, these classes might appeal to him or her.

View the fall drama class schedule below. To register for a class download a FALL 2010 REGISTRATION FORM now.

After School Playhouse (Ages 8 to 14)
Pumpkin Theatre’s original performance-based class. Students will have the chance to be part of a full musical production of The Big Bad Musical and learn the process for rehearsing and performing a play under the guidance of theater professionals. Students will also help to create their costumes and set.

WHEN: Tuesdays, September 28 – December 7 at 4-6 PM
WHERE: St. Mary's Outreach Center, 3900 Roland Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21211
COST: $300

Creative Drama (Ages 4–5 or 6–7)
Students learn interactive play through theater games and storytelling. Each hour-long session focuses on both individual work and working within the group dynamic. We will explore classic children's stories in the process!

WHEN: Saturdays, October 2 - December 11 at 9-10 AM (ages 4–5); 10:30-11:30 AM (ages 6–7)
WHERE: College of Notre Dame, 4701 N. Charles Street, Baltimore
COST: $150

Audition Workshop (Young Actors for Ages 8–16)
Artistic Director Jimi Kinstle walks young actors through the audition process. We will look at monologue presentation skills, basic etiquette, how to break down a monologue, follow up, and the overall process. Please have a monologue on which to work – either memorized or printed. We will work on monologues together and go through a “practice” audition. Limited to 12 participants.

WHEN: January 8, 2011 at 10 AM–1 PM
WHERE: St. Timothy's School, 8400 Greenspring Avenue, Baltimore
COST: $50

Advanced Audition Workshop (For intermediate or advanced actors)
Artistic Director Jimi Kinstle works on audition techniques, character development and focus. Actors are to bring a 6090 second prepared monologue and receive one-on-one feedback in a two-hour intensive workshop.

WHEN: January 8 at 2–4 PM
WHERE: St. Timothy's School, 8400 Greenspring Avenue
COST: $50